A Serious Ignored Issue with Facebook Privacy: Be Careful!

I think some people have had this question, but I couldn’t find anyone who had this query. Let me cut to the chase.

Facebook Privacy

Suppose you don’t want people to know that you’re active on Facebook. Say, your boss is ‘Friends’ with you on Facebook and you don’t want him to know that you’re active online. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise with your ‘Virtual Social Life’ either. So, you’re browsing through the contents on your News Feed. An old school friend of yours has shared a very awesome picture of some place he went for vacation and you want to ‘like’ it or ‘comment’ on it. So you go to see the privacy. It is “Friends Only”. Okay, so if you hit the button here, you’re still out of your boss’s reach, because you know that these two people are not ‘friends’. You post your comment. “I wish my boss grants me leaves so I can go some place too! Boy, he’s a terrible human being, my boss! Blah Blah…”

Now a day or two later, your friend thinks “Hey, this is an awesome picture. It’s not from my intimate family pictures either. I must share it with the world!” And he sets the privacy to “Public”

Whoosh! That’s the sound of your promotion being dumped down the window once your boss sees your comment.

However, there is the option to screen your activity from certain ‘Friends’, so you may enable those. Facebook is refining this aspect of the social network vigorously. They will come up with some brilliant solution in time. Nevertheless, if the stakes are too high,take this piece of advice-

No matter what, be careful about what you say online.


4 thoughts on “A Serious Ignored Issue with Facebook Privacy: Be Careful!

  1. So true. That’s a very relevant case fb should consider.
    Their privacy thing is very messed up when it comes to comments and likes.

    Also, i thinks if I share a pic with Friends only on Facebook and a friend of mine sees it, he is free to share it furthur. Is there a way I can stop that??

    Its an important post. I hope a lot of people read it.


      1. Thinking about it, if a person can see your photos, he can always download them, and then do anything with them. So basically, just sharing your pics with someone is actually giving them infinite power over it.

        Although not giving a share link on the pic would prevent some inexperienced users from sharing those pics. But that would really be an illusion of privacy.

        I think this is an open problem in the industry. Showing pics but preventing their download. Same goes on to videos and music, and all anti-piracy things..


      2. Very true, sir. This should be considered if we are to share any pictures. Something that we intend to keep private, must be kept private instead of sharing on a social network.


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